• Crookes Radiometer
Witness the awesome power of radiation from the Sun in the comfort and safety of your own home. That’s right, anythingradioactive brings you the remarkable Crookes Radiometer, an ingenious device for converting solar radiation into mechanical motion.

Just place the Radiometer in sunlight, the beam of a bright torch or to really get it spinning, the brighter the light, the faster they go.

This fascinating and educational scientific instrument requires no batteries, there are no wires and nothing to wear out.

The Radiometer was invented by noted chemist  Sir William Crookes, back in 1873. The glass bulb is evacuated to create a partial vacuum; inside the globe there are four vanes – matt black one one side, white on the other -- and these are mounted on a simple pointed bearing to reduce friction.

Please be aware that as this is made of glass, it is not a toy - please handle with care. Ages 8+.

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Crookes Radiometer

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