In our ongoing quest to bring you new and interesting products the Sintzks Geiger Counter came to our attention. It ticked a lot of the boxes on our wish list, but sad to say it lacked the vital ‘wow’ factor that might have earned it a regular place on our pages, so here’s your chance to cash in and snap up our review sample. It’s another Russian instrument, with an LCD display and based around the hugely popular SBM-20 Geiger tube, used in dozens of highly respected instruments and justly prized for its sensitivity and reliability. The unit has two display modes, count and relative dose, which are displayed in 30 second intervals.

There’s also a built-in counter which ‘clicks’ away merrily in the presence of a radioactive source. It has just two controls - an on/off switch and a button for mode select and reset. Much more than that we cannot say due to the densely written instruction manual, which went way beyond our minimal translation skills. However, for the curious and patient all the information you could ask for is in the comprehensive documentation, which includes a complete circuit diagram, making it a great project for experimenters and dabblers.

Here’s some vital statistics: it’s powered by three standard AA cells, the case measures approx 14 x 6.2 x 3cm and it tips the scales a 167grammes.      

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SINTZKS Russian Geiger Counter - 1 ONLY!

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