What makes a Geiger Counter tick? Well, in this case it’s a small film cannister filled with lighter gas and sealed with cling film… It's not a joke, the Air Geiger uses an ingeniously simple radiation sensor that you make yourself from everyday materials. After that all you need is a high voltage source (around 3500 volts) and some digital wizardry. It really does work and can respond to Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation, from normal background levels upwards; it will even detect the tiny amounts of radiation produced by ‘Low Salt’ reduced salt substitutes.

We used to sell the remarkable Japanese designed Air Geiger as a kit a few years ago; this is the last one we have but it has been assembled for testing and photography, so there’s no need to get your hands dirty. It is in good working order, though the detector module may need a few puffs of gas (butane) from a lighter refill can to get it going again. Don’t worry, it comes with the original instructions which show you exactly how to do it, and it’s really quite easy.

Air Geiger is a great teaching tool, perfect for anyone who wants to learn about or teach the science behind radiation detection, so now that we have your attention, here are some key features:

  • Backlit LCD display configurable for CPS/CPM (uSv/Hr indication possible)
  • Sensitive to alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • USB PC connection port
  • Powered by one standard 9V PP3 type battery
  • Dimensions 80 x 140 x 40mm
  • Weight 350g

Supplied with the original assembly instructions and soft rubber protective case.

Please be aware that we offer no guarantees as to its accuracy. It is not designed for serious scientific measurement or for use in safety critical applications. This unit produces some very high voltages, they’re safely contained inside the case, but it is not suitable for those unfamiliar with electronic circuitry or children without adult supervision.

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Air Geiger Counter Ready Built Kit

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