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Buying a Geiger Counter? Newcomers read this first

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£129.00 inc fast UK delivery

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Smart Geiger, Smart Phone Personal Radiation Monitor

*Colours may vary*

£29.99 inc UK p&p

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GMC-320 Plus

Emergency Response Kit

£150.00 inc fast UK delivery

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PrepSponder Kit

£200.00 inc UK courier

PDRM 82 Dose Rate Meter

some wear & tear on boxes


£39.99 inc UK p&p

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Gamma Master

"Atomic" Watch

£525.00 inc UK courier delivery. Non-UK buyers see item description below.

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Soeks Defender

£160.00 inc fast UK delivery

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CD V-700

Classic Cold War

Geiger Counter GRADE A

£210.00 inc insured UK shipping


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CD V700 'Cammo' version

with standard meter

£225.00 inc UK shipping

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GeigerActiv pro mk 2



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As seen in Die Hard 5 -

yes, really...

The K8 Nuke Micro Radiation Monitor £165.00


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GeigerActiv Pro HandyCan


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K8 First Responder Kit

£170.00 inc UK p&p

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Geiger Activ Pro SE

(including USB Charger)

£125.00 inc fast UK delivery

We might have one or two knocking about the bunker - please ask!

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NEW! GMC-320 PLUS, £129.00 inc UK p&p

The 320 Plus (v.4) is the latest and most sophisticated version of the hugely popular GMC range of pocket Geiger Counters. It has all of the key features of its predecessors: excellent sensitivity (β,γ & X-Ray), compact size, large LCD readout, easy to use, rechargeable battery and PC connectivity, plus a raft of new features that make it even more versatile. These include:

Larger flash memory for storing data

Improved battery life

Built in temperature sensor & gyroscope

Faster PC connectivity

User replaceable battery

Free unlimited data storage/history and Geiger Counter World Map service

As before it’s a brilliant all-rounder, perfect for enthusiasts, schools, students, antique dealers and collectors, urban prospectors, rock hounds, gadget fans, doomsday preppers. In fact anyone who is curious or concerned about their environment. Although it is not intended for use in health and safety or safety-critical applications, it is sensitive enough to detect normal background radiation and therefore quickly alert the user to elevated levels. It also makes a great learning aid for schools and colleges

For everyday use it shows a continuous readout in microsieverts per hour (uSv/hr), counts per minute (CPM) or milliroentgen per hour (mR/h). This can be shown as large font digits, a more comprehensive time-relative multi-line text display or as a continuous moving graph.

There's an audible ‘clicker’ and flashing LED blinker plus a user-set alarm beep that sounds when the count or measurement exceeds a pre-set limit, a built-in real time clock, used to time-stamp data, logged at second, minute or hourly intervals and it can store several days worth of readings and user set data (note, location etc.) on its one megabyte internal flash memory. The display auto rotates, so it can be mounted or used inverted, and there’s a standard mini USB port on the side, along with a 3.5mm jack socket for connection to headphones or an amplifier etc.

The GMC-300E can communicate with PCs running Windows (XP onwards) or Linux operating systems. The data link can be used to provide a real-time numeric and graphical display on a computer or laptop screen using free data/history viewer software. You can also use it to download (and play back) data from the GMC-300E stored on your PC. The software features improved PC connectivity and also includes a brand new feature for automatically uploading data to a website called The Geiger Counter World Map (www.gmcmap.com -- image below), where readings and data collected from GMC users around the world are now being displayed

Okay, that was the quick tour; there’s lots more but, for tech heads, here are the key specs and features at a glance:

Radiation types detected: Beta and Gamma & X-Ray

Gamma Sensitivity: 0.1~3.0 MeV

M4011 Geiger Muller tube

Max count: 65,235 cpm 

Three points calibration, CPM to uSv/h and mR/ h conversion

On screen menus

Graphic zoom

Audio, battery status, alarm, data save indicators

Switchable audio & alarm options

Alarm range 0.01 – 10.00 uSv/0001 – 9999 cpm

Real-time clock

On-board temperature sensor

On-board electronic gyroscope

Internal flash memory for data logging

Data recording by second, minute or hour

User settable location/note facility

History data searching

Dimensions: 124 x 73 x 24mm (5 x 2.85 x 1 in.)

Weight: 168g (6oz)

Working Voltage: 3.2-4.0V

LCD Display: Dot matrix with back light

Working power: 0.045W - 0.2W

Power: 3.6V/3.7V battery / USB power

User replaceable battery

Built-in battery charging circuit

Power saving mode


Above: Geiger world map - upload your readings using the supplied software.

We also have we have a very small number of GMC-300Es, which are available for the new low, low price of  just £110, which includes fast UK delivery.

If you would like to order one of these simply write to us Here


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Victoreen CDV 700 (6A) Classic & Original Geiger Counter 

£210 including insured UK shipping

This is a genuine piece of Cold War memorabilia, highly collectible and it works, too! The Victoreen CD V-700 was made for the United States Civil Defence corps throughout the 1960's and 70's. No expense was spared in their design and construction - they were built to survive a nuclear war, after all  - but they are very sensitive and will detect natural background radiation, as well as higher levels, up to and including lethal doses...


The instrument has a chrome-plated brass probe with a rotating ‘shield’ for discriminating between beta and gamma sources. It’s detachable and fits into the carry handle when not in use. The CD V-700 uses a 6993 Geiger Müller detection tube and has four ranges, covering 0 – 0.5, 0 – 5 and 0 – 50 mR/h (millirontgens per hour) with readings shown on the large meter. Be aware that these devices were designed for use by largely untrained personel in the aftermath of a nuclear detonation, to check contamination of food and survivors,  so we're making no claims as to their accuracy as serious scientific instruments.


It is powered by 4 standard and readily obtainable 1.5 volt D-Cells and with normal use will last several weeks or even months.The case is water resistant and made from tough cast alloy; the lower cover is held in place by two toggle clips. It weighs approximately 1.5kg (ex batteries) and measures 120 x 210 x 170mm.


The outfit includes one of our exclusive Mini Speakers with LED flasher, a headphone adaptor with standard 3.5mm jack socket, and a pair of specially adapted high impedance headphones. We can also supply a pair of the original purpose-designed headphones as an optional extra - click HERE for more details. Also included is  a copy of the instruction manual plus a carry strap.


Please note that the original radioactive check source labels were removed (often clumsily - so there may be scratches) prior to export from the US; we have, however, replaced them with an inert modern facsimile so they look fully authentic.

Information  for overseas buyers -- we can offer 2 levels of shipping via insured courier service: 1-2 or 2-5 business days: please contact us HERE for shipping costs.

Please be aware that these vintage instruments have been in long-term storage. However, at regular intervals they were removed and tested and whilst the cases are remarkably tough they can show some signs of wear and tear. Typically it is nothing serious, mostly just scratches, scuff marks and paint chips but the metalwork is sound and they are in good working order.


See Also Our Pages for 

CD V-700 Spares & Parts


CD V-700 Accessories

To hear it in action click   

Custom CD V-700, Limited Collectors Edition, £225.00


Attention CD V-700 fans, we have set aside a small number of this classic cold war Geiger Counter for a very special paint job. They have been stripped back to bare metal, given a tough undercoat and finished in authentic deep matt camouflage colours and CDV livery, so your instrument won’t be seen the next time you're prospecting in the park or detecting in the dark.

While we were preparing the Cammo CDV we had a brilliant idea… Why not other colours? So, if you have an insatiable urge for a green Geiger with a pink probe, or your life simply isn’t complete without a ruby red radiation monitor, then SEND US AN EMAIL and we’ll see what we can do. Please note that special colour schemes may cost a little more and take longer to prepare.


*Overseas buyers -

we can offer 2 levels of shipping via insured courier service: 1-2 or 2-5 business days:

please contact us HERE for price details.

Smart Geiger FSG-001 Smartphone Radiation Monitor, £29.99 inc. UK p&p

Never leave home without it - now with FREE keyring holder (colours of Smart Geiger & keyring holder may vary from that shown)

Turn your Android* Smartphone or iPhone* into a personal radiation monitor with this tiny (10 x 30mm) detector module. All you have to do is pop it into the earphone socket – it is powered by your phone – and you can start taking readings using free apps -- see screenshots below -- from Google Play (for Android phones) or the Apple App Store (iPhone).

The sub-miniature semiconductor sensor inside the Smart Geiger module is sensitive to both Gamma and X-Ray radiation and the apps display measurements in counts per minute (CPM) and microsieverts per hour (uSv/h); it can operate continuously, or take readings over a preset period (3, 5, 10 or 30 minutes). On some models of smartphone there is also the option of an audio output (click) and/or the screen will flash when an event is detected. The information shown by the companion apps also varies according to the make/model of phone and operating system – search Google Play and Apple App Store for ‘Smart Geiger’ for more details.

Now at this point we would dearly like to go into more details about performance sensitivity and accuracy but thanks to the significant technical differences between the numerous smartphones and operating system versions on the market there can be large variations in readings between the various makes and models. In other words Smart Geiger is not going to transform your smartphone into a serious scientific instrument, capable of taking accurate measurements, but it can give you a general indication of local conditions, it responds well to ‘lively’ sources, like old watches and clocks with radium painted dials, and it can alert you to a significant increase over and above normal background levels.

*Please note that whilst Smart Geiger’s radiation monitoring functions work on most recent Android smartphones and iPhones, not all secondary functions are supported. In particular the audio output may not be available on models that treat the module as a headphone and automatically mute the sound output through the handset’s built-in speaker. We are in the process of compiling a list of models that we have tested it with, so if you are unsure, please ask before ordering.


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Here are some numbers

App Display parameters: uSv/hr, CPM, Count, Timer

Count mode/timer:          Continuous, 3, 5, 10 or 30 minutes

Auto calibration:              typically less than 1 minute

Additional functions:        audio click, screen flash, screen capture(depends on model)

Measuring range:              0.1 – 200uSv/hr, 1 – 9999 CPM

Accuracy                         <30% (depending on model)

Measurement error:           +/- 15%

Optimum sample time:       3 minutes

Operating temperature:       -10 – 40 degrees C

Battery:                             n/a, powered by smartphone

Connection:                       4-pole 3.5mm minijack

Dimensions:                      10 x 30mm

Weight:                             6 grams

App compatibility:              radiation-monitoring functions on most Android and iOS models, audio may be muted on smartphones which treat module as a headphone

Apps:                             Download Smart Geiger App, free from Google Play & Apple App Store

Soeks Defender £160.00, inc. next UK working day delivery*

We now have good stocks of one of the latest additions to the Soeks family of pocket radiation monitors. It’s the distinctive Defender and builds on the spec of the popular and very dependable Soeks 01M, with the addition of a number of new and useful features. The first and most noticeable difference is the bright yellow case (hover mouse over picture for close-up) with smart new buttons and a comfortable ‘rubberised’ finish. However, the real stars of the show are under the bonnet and at the top of the list is Cumulative Dose Measurement – with elapsed time display, reading up to 100 Sieverts.

Measurements of Level and Dose are made and displayed just 10 seconds after switch on, and updated continuously thereafter. In addition to the continuous level display and user settable level alarm -- as featured on the 01M -- the Defender has am additional cumulative Dose Level alarm. Power consumption has been reduced for longer battery life.

The rest of the specification is broadly similar to the 01M  and includes classic features like the colour LCD with easy to understand colour-coded alerts, showing ‘Normal’, High’ and ‘Dangerous Radiation Background’ messages. It can be set to display readings in microsieverts/hr (uSv/hr) or microRoentgen/hr (uR/hr) It has a one–minute trend graph, active status indicator, Normal and Alarm dose levels, battery level, keyboard lock, auto power off, USB connected indicator, Dual Language (English or Russian) menu display, adjustable display brightness, sound level and alert tones and a choice of green/grey/blue/white display themes. It uses the highly respected SBM-20-01 Geiger Müller detection tube, which is sensitive to beta, gamma and X-Ray radiation, with an indicated range of 0.03 to 1000uSv/hr and it weighs in at just 70g (with batteries) and measures only 43 x 105 x 18mm.

UK buyers -if you want this for a Saturday delivery, just select 'UK Saturday' on drop-down menu below.


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Comes with a pair of rechargeable batteries (AAA cells), a USB charge lead and continental 2-pin/shaver socket USB charger adaptor (UK 3-pin charger adaptor available on request).


NEW! anythingradioactive PrepSponder Kit, £200 inc next  UK working day courier delivery

Be Prepared, and ready to Respond! It’s fully self-contained, ready to use, and stored in its own custom fitted, super tough, water resistant polypropylene carry case.

The outfit includes the outstanding GMC-320 Plus Geiger counter, complete with rechargeable battery, mains and in-car chargers, USB data/charger lead and PC software for downloading recorded data and continuous monitoring. We have also included a 66-metre roll of ‘Caution Radioactive Material’ adhesive backed tape, an 8-metre roll of ‘Radiation Area’ warning tape plus a pack of 100 x 100mm Radioactive warning symbol stickers.

There are two torches; the first one is our exclusive 95-LED UV ‘Ultra Beast’, complete with a pair of UV protective safety glasses and three Uranium Glass gems. Torch number two is our multi-function, 3-in-one 15-LED model. It is switchable between bright white, UV and a red laser pointer, and to make sure you won’t be left in the dark if the balloon goes up, the kit also includes a full set of new long-life batteries, for both torches.

For more information about the individual components just click on the links. For the record the external dimensions of the case are: 470 x 357 x 176 and it tips the scales at 4.5 kg. (Total saving - £50.00)

The price includes courier shipping to UK addresses only; we can provide a shipping quote for overseas destinations on request, but be warned, due to its size and weight it will be expensive!


NEW GMC-320 Plus Emergency Response Kit £150.00 inc next day insured UK p&p*

Be ready for just about anything with the exclusive anythingradioactive Emergency Response Kit.  It includes a fully charged GMC-320 Plus, along with its USB PC connection and charger cable, plus car and mains charge adaptors*, PC software disc and instructions. The kit also contains one of our popular 2-mode 41 LED UV torches (including a Uranium glass gem), plus an 8-metre roll of Radiation Area warning tape. We'll even throw in 4 AAA batteries for the torch. Everything is neatly packed into a super tough, foam lined, polypropylene water resistant carry case, measuring 240 x 270 x 130 (All-up weight approx 1.66kg).

* EU adaptor available for non-UK buyers.

This rugged and durable carry case is a high quality 'prograde' design, manufactured from top class materials and it usually sells for more than £30. It provides protection from damage by water, impact, rough handling and abrasion. As an added bonus it can be padlocked for extra security and it has a built-in pressure valve, to protect the contents against pressure changes (e.g. when carried in an  aircraft hold).


Although the GMC 300E Plus is capable of detecting normal - and abnormally - high levels of radioactivity, this outfit is not intended for use in safety-critical and/or health & safety applications.  Any concerns regarding sources of potentially hazardous radioactive substances should be reported immediately to the Health Protection Agency or Environmental Health Department of your local authority.


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PDRM 82 Portable Dose Rate Meter, £39.99 inc. UK p&p


Here’s another relic from the Cold War, and this time it’s British. This is the Plessey PDRM 82 Portable Dose Rate Meter, issued to armed forces, emergency services and Civil Defence personnel in the 1980s. Straight away we have to say that the likelihood of it ever registering anything on the 4-digit LCD display is very small, and if it does, congratulations! You’ve just survived a nuclear blast.

The PDRM-82 registers exposure to radioactivity (in terms of absorbed dose) in Centigrays/hour, and that’s a lot of radioactivity. In other words it’s designed to measure dangerously high levels but don’t let that put you off. It’s an interesting and very well built piece of kit. For its time this was a very sophisticated design.


It is microprocessor controlled, hardened against Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and it runs for up to 400 hours on three standard 1.5 volt C cells. It is housed in a tough, waterproof bright orange case with just one simple control On-Test/Off.

It may not do much in its natural state but there is plenty of scope for experimenters to tinker, and maybe juice it up. For anyone that is interested, we’ve managed to get readings on the display from low-level sources by swapping the units Geiger Muller sensor for one or our J32 tubes, and there is a way to convert the LCD reading into counts per minute (CPM).



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Time for some vital statistics. It’s very compact, almost pocket size and measures just 170 x 140 x 55mm, the weight, excluding batteries is 400g and it comes with a rigid carry strap, flexible lanyard, instructions and the original box. These units are in as-new condition and we make sure they pass their internal test prior to despatch.

Gamma Master II "Atomic" Watch, £525.00 inc. UK courier delivery   

This has to be the very last word in luxury personal radiation monitoring and precision timekeeping. It’s the remarkable Gamma Master II PM1208 radiation sensor watch, a unique combination of Swiss engineering and a sophisticated gamma dosimeter, professionally calibrated by renowned radioactivity measurement experts Polimaster.


So who would want such an unusual device? Well, it’s a very long list, and includes just about anyone who wants to be able to keep on eye on their exposure to natural and man-made ionising radiation and, more importantly, be alerted when it rises above normal background levels. It will also be of particular interest to those who may come into contact with radioactive materials and radiation, working in hospital X-Ray and radiological medicine departments, undergoing radiotherapy, emergency and security personnel, the military, first responders and not forgetting people employed in the nuclear industry. You can also add airline pilots and frequent flyers that are exposed to higher than normal levels of cosmic radiation. Then there are geologists, mineralogists, miners, antique dealers and collectors, watch repairers and so on… We could go on, but let’s take a closer look at what it does.


It tells the time, of course, and the Gamma Master II has two clock displays: an accurate Swiss made, quartz-controlled analogue movement with luminous sweep second hand, and a secondary LCD display, showing hours, minutes, seconds, day, month and year, plus it has a daily alarm function. An electroluminescent backlight panel illuminates the display so it can be read at night and the tough but stylish stainless steel case is water-resistant and rated for depths of up to 100 metres (328 feet). Now for the really interesting stuff.


This unique watch contains a gamma-sensitive Geiger Müller tube radiation detector and monitoring circuitry designed to measure Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) and Dose Equivalent (DE), with programmable alarms to alert the wearer if the levels exceed a preset threshold. Dose Equivalent is a measure of radiation absorption by biological tissue, and an indication of potential health effects. This is expressed in internationally recognised standard units known as Sieverts. DER is a measure of DE in relation to time and the display on the Gamma Master II is constantly updated and shown in microsieverts per hour (µSv/hr). In addition, the Gamma Master II has a DER recording facility and it can store up to 500 readings, along with time and date, which can be uploaded* to a Windows PC** and displayed, graphed and recorded, along with readings from other Gamma Masters, using supplied software. The Gamma Master II’s DE reading, in millisieverts (mSv) gives the wearer a long-term indication of dose accumulation (1 – 9999 hours) and again there is a threshold alarm that sounds an audible bleep if DE exceeds a preset threshold.


To round off the key features, Gamma Master II has analogue bargraph indicators showing approximate percentage of DE and DER in relation to thresholds, a low battery indicator, full function reset button, switchable alarm mute. It is fitted with a high quality leather strap and it comes in its own heavily lacquered presentation case with instructions, CD-ROM and calibration certificate.


Time to get technical:

Energy Range                                             0.066 – 1.5MeV

Detector Type                                             Geiger Müller tube

DER Indication & Threshold range             0.01 to 9999.99 µSv/hr

DER Indication Accuracy                           +/- 20 %

DER Memory                                               500 records

DE Indication & Threshold Range               0.01 to 9999.99 mSv

DE Indication Accuracy                               +/- 20 %

Accumulation range                                    1 – 9999 hours

Alarm types                                                  Audible & visual

Battery type                                                 1 x CR2032 (supplied)

Weight                                                           210g

Approximate Dimensions                           Dial dia 32mm, case dia 45mm, case thickness 18mm


* The PC requires an infrared (IrDa) receiver or plug-in IrDA adaptor (not supplied).

**Windows 98/2k/XP, W7, W8.



UK buyers only - overseas customers see right

Non - UK customers

We are offering a courier delivery for this item, so please email us for details

GeigerActiv pro mk 2, personal radiation monitor, £115.00 inc UK p&p


The  GeigerActiv pro mk 2, exclusive to anythingradioactive, is a compact, smart-looking hand-held radioactivity monitor that can alert you to normal and elevated levels of beta and gamma radiation (minimum sensitivity =0.35 Mev).

Features include:

  • Extended  battery life giving between 200 and 400 hours of continuous operation from a single AAA cell
  • Beta and Gamma sensitivity
  • PC connectivity with free software
  • New round meter showing relative cpm
  • New belt clip
  • New rear mounted sounder
  • Audible power-on alert buzz
  • New single-button operation
  • Light and compact (about the size of a pack of cigarettes)

The presence of ionising radiation is indicated by a flashing red LED, an audible click from the built in piezo sounder and a clear visual indication on the front mounted moving coil meter. A second green LED remains continuously lit when the unit is switched on, to show that it is functioning.


It is a true Geiger Counter and by connecting it to a Windows PC (see note below) the free software, downloadable from our website, shows actual counts per minute (CPM) and total count. Furthermore this can be calibrated to display milliRontgens/hr (mR/hr). The results are also presented on a customisable real-time graph. Additionally the data can be stored to produce a detailed log, providing unlimited integration times, so you can measure very low levels of activity. The program also includes a web server, so results can be monitored remotely via a standard web browser. A PC connecting cable is supplied with the unit.


Designed and built in the UK, GeigerActiv pro measures just 60 x 30 x 105 mm (2.3 x 1.2 x 4.1 inches) and weighs just 91g (3.1 ounces) so it is just a little larger and not much heavier than a pack of cigarettes and slips easily into a coat or jacket pocket. There's just one control, a front-mounted power switch, so it is extremely easy to use and ideal for some discrete urban prospecting - granite kerbstones can be surprisingly 'lively' - checking antiques (old watches, clocks and instruments with radium dials, uranium doped ceramics and glass etc.), and keeping a check on your environment.




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Please note that GeigerActiv pro mk 2 is not a calibrated scientific instrument and is not designed for use in safety-critical applications. 

The software program presently only runs on PCs with Windows 95, 98, ME, SE, NT4, 2k and XP; a soundcard and Internet Explorer v6 or later is also required; sorry no  WIndows 7, Vista, MAC or Linux versions yet, but we do now have a crude workaround that may work on some Vista and Windows 7 PCs.


To hear it in action click   


GeigerActiv PRO HandyCan, £119.00, inc UK Recorded Delivery

It can happen to anyone; you suffer a radioactive spill or nuclear alert and you can’t find your Geiger counter… Well, not any more! The GeigerActiv Pro Mk II HandyCan personal monitoring kit is ready for action in an instant, it even comes with a battery, so keep it handy.

In addition to this versatile personal radiation monitor, the kit also includes one of our 3 in 1 key chain torches, with UV, white and laser light options. There’s a small, genuine Uranium Glass gem - just watch it glow under UV light, and a Radioactive Category III warning sticker - only for genuine spills or decorative purposes in and around the home please...

The whole outfit is safely housed in a padded custom tin box that should also provide your Geiger counter with a high degree of protection against EMP (electromagnetic pulse) in the event of a nearby nuclear detonation.


The outfit is available in two styles, for ladies or gentlemen,

so remember to tick the right box when ordering. 



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There has been a lot of media coverage on TV lately regarding the mis-use of laser pointers so do NOT aim it in the direction of passing aircraft!

GeigerActiv pro SE (Solar Edition) now £125.00 - complete with USB charger & 2 rechargeable batteries & next UK working day delivery*

It’s the World’s First Nuclear Powered Geiger Counter. That’s right, this specially developed variant of the GeigerActiv pro mk 2 (above) derives its power from the biggest nuclear reactor of them all, our Sun. Fitted to the rear of the case is a silicon solar panel that charges a NiMh (nickel metal hydride) AAA cell inside the case. Two are supplied with the unit, so it’s always ready for use. The solar cell will even power the GeigerActiv pro SE directly on a really sunny day. If it’s cloudy or you want to do a spot of night-time detecting you can pop in an ordinary non-rechargeable AAA cell. Either way you can expect it to run continuously for between 200 and 400 hours on a fresh battery (depending on the type/state of charge). The outfit also comes with a USB charger, so the cells can be recharged from your PC or a suitable mains adaptor (not supplied). General specification and features are similar to the standard GeigerActiv pro.


GeigerActiv pro SE is a limited edition and specially built, so get your order in now to avoid disappointment. Please note that delivery to UK addresses may take up to 7 days; overseas orders will also take proportionately longer.



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To hear it in action click   


Please note that GeigerActiv pro SE is not a calibrated scientific instrument and not designed for use in safety-critical applications

K8 Nuke Safeguard Miniature Radiation Monitor, £165.00, inc p&p


It’s the K8 Nuke and no, your eyes are not deceiving you. . But how can something that small be any good? Well, US 'First Responders', the California Highway Patrol (CHiPs), Colorado and New Mexico State Police, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue and thousands of safety professionals, law enforcement officers and security personnel certainly think it is.

This marvel of microchip engineering is a fully-fledged radiation monitor and it is really is no larger than an ordinary postage stamp. It’s almost certainly the world’s most sensitive miniature radiological warning device.


Time to take a closer look. It has three bright LED indicators visible from the top and front. The green one flashes in the presence of radiation, typically once or twice a minute – depending where you are -- due to normal background radiation. The red LED flashes and an audible alarm sounds when the radiation level exceeds 5 mR/Hr (50uSv/h) or more. When the yellow LED flashes it’s time to change the battery, but that doesn’t happen very often as it’s capable of operating continuously for 1500 hours, that’s 60 days or more, on a standard CR2032 battery. On the back there’s a small on/off switch and a fiercely strong spring clip for attaching the monitor to your belt, pocket or lapel. It will not fall off!


This tiny device is designed and built in the US and it uses a solid state silicon-based detector that is sensitive to Gamma and X-Ray radiation in the range 30keV to 6.2Mev.


It’s a serious piece of kit, CE Approved, and it meets NCRP Guidance & Recommendations for Management of Terrorist Events. It also complies with EMC Directive Standards and is tested using NIST traceable sources. It’s tough too; the high impact housing exceeds ANSI 13.27 drop test requirements and it will happily operate between –20 degrees C and + 50 degrees C. If you are still wondering about the size, it measures just 25mm x 39mm x 12mm (1 x 1.5 x 0.475 inches), and tips the scales at only 13g or about 1/2oz and that’s small. The K8 comes with a battery already  fitted, so it's ready to go.



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To hear it in action click   



K8 Nuke First Responder Radiation Awareness Kit, £170.00, 

Back by popular demand: once again we are proud to present the remarkable K8 Nuke Safeguard personal radioactivity monitor as the centrepiece of our exclusive Emergency Radiation Awareness Kit. In addition to the matchbox-sized K8 Nuke, the outfit also includes one of our 15-LED, 3-in-One flashlights, just click the switch for bright white, ultraviolet or red laser light.

You also get one of our Uranium Glass gems, which produces a weird green glow when illuminated by UV light. Don’t worry, the radioactivity is negligible, so it is safe and legal to own and unlikely to trigger any alarms.

Finally, you will also receive a 5-metre roll of ‘Caution Radiation Area’ warning tape, just in case your atomic pile develops a leak or spill (only joking – it is only for personal/novelty use, and definitely not for public display…and don't forget our usual warning about not shining lasers at people, pets or planes).

Everything is neatly packaged in a custom, foam-lined presentation tin, making it the perfect present for the budding nuclear scientist and First Responders in your life.


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Please note that whilst the items in this outfit are the real deal, and fully functional, it is not intended for use in health or safety related applications.

Radex RD1503 Geiger Counter with English display & manual, £189.99 inc next UK working day delivery* OUT OF STOCK - MORE SOON

The Radex RD 1503 is extremely sensitive, easily registering natural background radiation, and highly accurate, with the 42mm backlit LCD panel giving constantly updated and averaged readings (in 10 second cycles) of exposure to a wide range of Beta and Gamma radiation. It is calibrated  in micro Sieverts or micro Rem per hour, switchable using the on-screen menu. This also controls the variable volume bleeper and setup options, plus a level control which lets you program the bleeper threshold to 0.3, 0.6 or 1.2 uSv/hr (30, 60 or 120 uRem/Hr).

The RD 1503 is sturdy, very well built, and remarkably easy to use, with just three buttons, for switching the unit on and off, switching the backlight on and navigating the on-screen menus. It’s compact too, measuring just 100 x 60 x 24mm – around the size of a pack of 20 cigarettes -- and it weighs just 90 grams, so it slips easily into shirt or trouser pockets. It is powered by one or two AAA cells, which can run the unit continuously for up to 550 hours (over 3 weeks!).

For the technically minded the range of measurement is from 0.05 to 9.99uSv/Hr (5 – 999 uRem/hr) and the gamma range is 0.1 to 1.25MeV.



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Radex RD 1706 Geiger Counter with English menu display &  instruction manual. OUT OF STOCK - MORE SOON

The RD1706 is one of the most advanced models in the Radex range with twin Geiger Muller tubes for greater sensitivity and accuracy plus an extended range of functions. These include a reading refresh rate of just 1 second, precise user-adjustable alarm threshold between 0.1 to 99.0 microseivert/hour, average dose rate, background dose rate options (up to 5 readings can be saved  -- handy for checking and comparing levels inside and outside buildings etc.), dose rate exceeding background rate, switchable vibra alert (in addition to switchable audio alert).



Range of dose rate indication 0.05 – 999 uSv/Hr,

Energy range registered: Gamma 0.1 – 1.25 Mev; X-Ray 0.03 – 3.0MeV, Beta 0.25 – 3.5MeV.

Threshold levels: variable, between 0.1 – 99 uSv/h,

Monitor cycle time 1 – 26 seconds,

Power requirements 1 or 2 AAA cells.

Battery life: up to 550 hours continuous (two cells).

Dimensions: 105 x 60 x 26mm.

Weight (ex batts) 85g. 42mm

Backlit LCD screen.


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Some satisfied customers:

Re: GMC300E Plus

Package arrived on time and we have been enjoying our new "toy" on holiday.

We have been having fun taking little readings along our adventures - antiques shops, and the air museum where we were sitting in the cockpit of an old vampire where the radium dials were splendidly ticking over

Jen & Scott, Hamilton


On a repaired CD-V700 circuit board:

My repaired circuit board arrived safe and sound. The repair was done super fast.

But best of all was the customer service which was top notch and extremely helpful.

Oliver, Hong Kong.


On the GMC300:

My geiger arrived today, thanks for a very speedy service. I'm really impressed with it.

Neville, Southampton

Thank you all so very much for your extremely prompt and speedy service. I shall of course be recommending you to friends. Many thanks again. Jason, Lancs.

Many thanks for sending the Geiger counter. It arrived surprisingly quickly. It has already proved valuable in monitoring the effects of my treatment for cancer. Thanks for your friendly and efficient service!   Bryan, Bucks

The Geiger counter I ordered (CDV700 Mk2) is in perfect conditon. An old childhood dream has come true.  I will recommend you to all my friends – I wish you well.

Christophe, France


I just wanted to thank you for the CDV-700 speaker and adapter. I was very surprised that the items arrived so quickly. The speaker and adapter work great! It's a well-made product.

Mark, Alaska.


The geigeractiv arrived safe & sound only a few days after the order and is ticking away happily.

Martina, Dublin


My order of the DSRB-01 unit arrived yesterday. I am quite happy about it. Everything works fine. Thank you for fast delivery. I will have a look at your offerings in the future.

Ulrich, Germany


Thank you so much for everything, I'll recommend your web site.

JD, France


The Geiger counter has arrived in perfect condition and it is working. 40 years on the shelf, add some batteries and it works.... amazing!

CM, Germany


Thanks for the Pancake ENi Survey meter; it's working fine and it's great. Very pleased with it.

JP Chester


I would like to say a big thank you for the customer service that I have received. The package arrived quickly, and the after sale service has been excellent.  I would recommend anythingradioactive to my friends.

MG, Manchester

About the CDV-700

The CDV-700 is a true Geiger Counter, displaying an accurate count (when properly calibrated) of beta and gamma sources. This particular model was manufactured for the Civil Defense Corps by serveral companies in the US, including ENI, Victoreen and Lionel Electronic Laboratories (who also made toy trains). They were produced in fairly large numbers throughout the 1960s and 70s in preperation for expected nuclear conflict.


These devices are based around a 6993 Geiger Muller tube, driven by a simple high voltage circuit producing around 1000 volts. The output from the tube is processed by a transistorised pulse shaping network and integrating circuit, to operate the moving coil meter; a simple audio amplifier drives the supplied headphone.  Many different types of geiger counter were produced during this period but the CDV-700 6b is one of the most popular due to its high sensitivity, rugged construction and legendary reliability. 

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