Now, we're not going to say categorically that this is the first and only nuclear-powered Geiger Counter, but we've yet to see (or hear of) another one! In case you are wondering about the nuclear-powered part, well, its true, but you can relax, it's not radioactive. The GeigerActiv PRO SE is solar powered, and the Sun is powered by nuclear fusion...

This is how it works. A small solar photovoltaic panel is mounted on the back of the case and this is used to charge a rechargeable AAA cell. On a sunny day it can charge the battery from flat to full in 6 - 8 hours. In really bright sunlight it actually generates enough electricity to power it directly, with no battery installed.

But what happens if you want to do a spot of urban prospecting at night or if the battery has run down? Simple, just pop in any ordinary non-rechargeable AAA cell and depending on the type these can last for between 200 and 600 hours in continuous operation.  The rest of the specs are  almost identical to the GeigerActiv PRO Mk II, (now sold out) a summary of which appears below:

Features include:

  • Long battery life giving between 200 and 600 hours of continuous operation from a single AAA cell
  • Beta and Gamma sensitivity
  • PC connectivity with free software (Win XP or earlier)
  • Analogue meter showing relative cpm
  • Rear mounted sounder
  • Audible power-on alert buzz
  • Single-button operation
  • Light and compact (about the size of a pack of cigarettes)

The presence of ionising radiation is indicated by a flashing red LED, an audible click from the built in piezo sounder and a clear visual indication on the front mounted moving coil meter. A second green LED remains continuously lit when the unit is switched on, to show that it is functioning.

It is a real Geiger Counter and by connecting it to a Windows PC  the free software (for Win XP or earlier), downloadable from our website, shows actual counts per minute (CPM) and total count. Furthermore this can be calibrated to display milliRontgens/hr (mR/hr). The results are also presented on a customisable real-time graph. Additionally the data can be stored to produce a detailed log, providing unlimited integration times, so you can measure very low levels of activity. The program also includes a web server, so results can be monitored remotely via a standard web browser. A PC connecting cable is supplied with the unit. 

Designed and built in the UK, it measures just 60 x 30 x 105 mm (2.3 x 1.2 x 4.1 inches) and weighs only 91g (3.1 ounces) so it is just a little larger and not much heavier than a pack of cigarettes and slips easily into a coat or jacket pocket. There's just one control, a front-mounted power switch, so it is extremely easy to use and ideal for some discrete urban prospecting - granite kerb stones can be surprisingly 'lively' - checking antiques (old watches, clocks and instruments with radium dials, uranium doped ceramics and glass etc.), and keeping a check on your environment.

The GeigerActiv PRO SE comes with two rechargeable AAA cells and a simple to follow instruction booklet. This also includes links to free software that allows the device to connect to a Windows PC or laptop using a freeware program (XP or earlier), and other commerical software that runs on later versions of WIndows for continuous monitoring and logging of data.  

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