Now, we're not going to say categorically that this is the first and only nuclear-powered Geiger Counter, but we've yet to see (or hear of) another one! In case you are wondering about the nuclear-powered part, well, its true, but you can relax, it's not radioactive. The GeigerActiv PRO SE is solar powered, and the Sun is powered by nuclear fusion...

This is how it works. A small solar photovoltaic panel is mounted on the back of the case and this is used to charge a rechargeable AAA cell. On a sunny day it can charge the battery from flat to full in 6 - 8 hours. In really bright sunlight it actually generates enough electricity to power it directly, with no battery installed.

But what happens if you want to do a spot of urban prospecting at night or if the battery has run down? Simple, just pop in any ordinary non-rechargeable AAA cell and depending on the type these can last for between 200 and 600 hours in continuous operation.  The rest of the specs are identical to the regular GeigerActiv PRO Mk II, and you can read the full story by clicking HERE.

The GeigerActiv PRO SE comes with two rechargeable AAA cells and a simple to follow instruction booklet. This also includes links to free software that allows the device to connect to a Windows PC or laptop, for continuous monitoring and logging of data. 

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GeigerActiv PRO SE (Solar Edition) -- The World's First Nuclear-Powered Geiger Counter

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