• Re-Tubed PDRM 82 Portable Dose Rate Meter

We now have a very small number of ‘re-tubed’ PDRM 82 Portable Dose Rate Meters available. These are fully functional units but they failed the internal Self Test check, due to a faulty Geiger Muller detector tube. Unfortunately the original part is now virtually unobtainable, but we have managed to find an alternative source of GM tubes with broadly similar characteristics. Please note that these replacement tubes are not a precise match, but since the PDRM 82 was designed only to measure dangerously high levels of radioactivity, and previously did not respond to normal low level background radiation. As before these devices are being sold only as interesting artifacts from the cold war era and are in not intended to be used for serious scientific measurement or any health and safety related applications.

Nevertheless, they do now pass the Self Test and can still detect potentially lethal sources, not that we suggesting that you test them, but that aside there is potential for experimentation and plenty of interesting high grade electronic parts and components for tinkerers to play around with. It may even be possible to increase the unit’s sensitivity – check the web for ideas.

For more a more detailed description of the PDRM 82 and its general specification see the main listing HERE.

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Re-Tubed PDRM 82 Portable Dose Rate Meter

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