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GeigerActiv Pro MkII

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CD V-700 Parts

GMC300E Plus Emergency Kit

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Got a torch emergency? Then we can help.

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GeigerActiv Pro MKII SE

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CD - V700 Fridge Magnet

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CD - V700 Mini Speaker with Flasher

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Nuclear Doorbell

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GMC300E Plus

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CD - V700 spares

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Radioactive candlesticks?

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UK councils to store nuclear waste? Just doh'n't  send for Homer...

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Lost in Space

Nowhere to go

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If the balloon goes up...

Protect & Survive The Video

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Protect & Survive The



Build your own Geiger Counter

FREE, simple to follow  plans for the classic Oak Ridge Laboratory

Kearny Fallout Meter radiation detector (pdf)

Duck And Cover US Civil Defence Film



DIY, Humour & Info

Build your own H-Bomb

How to dismantle an atomic bomb

Home Fallout Shelter

DIY Bomb Effects Computer

Radioactive Boy Scout

Interesting Radioactive Links

Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

Radiation Protection Resources

Nevada Atomic Bomb Tests


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UV Torches Q&A

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Nuclear Antiques

Buying a Geiger Counter?

Radioactive Sources

Rough Guide to Radioactivity

Radioactivity in the home

Radiation Dose Chart

UK  Health Protection Agency

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

BBC Horizon, Risks Exaggerated

UK Gamma Monitoring - Argus Project

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