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How can you lose a cabinet? Easy - send it to a scrap yard!!


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Protect & Survive The Video

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Duck And Cover US Civil Defence Film


Build your own Geiger Counter

FREE, simple to follow  plans for the classic Oak Ridge Laboratory Kearny Fallout Meter radiation detector (pdf)

Geiger Counter parts

DIY, Humour & Info

Build your own H-Bomb

How to dismantle an atomic bomb

Home Fallout Shelter

DIY Bomb Effects Computer

Radioactive Boy Scout

Interesting Radioactive Links

Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

Radiation Protection Resources

Nevada Atomic Bomb Tests

GMC-300E Plus

Geiger Counter outfit

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See the Sun in action with the

Crookes Radiometer

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Got a UV Torch emergency??

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How about the

GeigerActiv Pro 'Handy Can' for that special person?

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Nuclear Doorbell - you will definitely hear this!!

£32.99 inc UK p&p

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Need spare parts for your

CD - V700?

We may be able to help!

Prices start at £2.00

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Containing Trinitite from the Trinity Test site - our exclusive, hand-made paperweights

£15.99 inc UK p&p

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Don't be a mug!

Last few left - get yours before it's too late!!

£6.50 inc UK p&p

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1930's Bagley Glass

 bowl & torch 

£14.00 inc UK p&p

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